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12 Feb 2019

Socialisation of Government Employee with Work Agreement (P3K)

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta--P3K is Indonesian citizen who fulfils certain requirements, appointed based on work agreement for a certain period of time in carrying out government duties. P3K can directly start from a certain level and even directly at the highest level in the position required by the organisation according to the position criteria specified in P3K Management. The stipulation of Government Regulation (PP) Number 49 of 2018 concerning Management of Government Employee with Work Agreement (P3K) is a breath of fresh air for Indonesian citizens who wish to serve the country outside (civil servant) PNS pathway. The existence of this PPPK law is expected to be one way out for the settlement of honorary staff.

Position that can be filled in by P3K are Certain Major High Position (JPT) and Certain Intermediate JPT equivalent to echelon I/a and I/b, Certain Functional Position (JFT) at all levels of position, including librarians as well as other positions exist in Public Service Agencies and Regional Public Service Agencies, such as new state universities (PTN) and regional general hospitals (RSUD), or other positions according to what has been determined in PP, not structural positions but those carrying out management functions in government agencies.

“P3K philosophy is when no one is competent in the available position. Almost 100 functional positions may be filled in by P3K. P3K is appointed for the shortest period of one year and can be appointed as needed,” said Hariyono Dwi Putranto Civil Service Agency (BKN) Deputy of Personnel Management Development.

P3K appointment method is not the same. P3K may apply for CPNS (civil servant recruit) selection as long as their age still suffices (18-35 years old) the requirement. Whereas for P3K appointment, it may be conducted a year before retirement (BUP). P3K does not have right for pension. P3K also has no career development opportunity. Each P3K has the right to receive salary and benefits.



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