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30 Jan 2019

Technical Guidance of National Library Staff Discipline as the Implementation of PP No. 53/2010

Salemba, Jakarta – National Library in collaboration with State Civil Service Agency held Staff Discipline Enforcement Technical Guidance at National Library of Indonesia as the implementation of Government Regulation No. 53/2010 Article 49 provisions on Civil Servants Discipline to be guidelines for officials and civil servants concerned. The definition of civil servants discipline is the ability of civil servants to comply with obligations and avoid prohibitions stipulated in legislations and or official regulation which if not obeyed or violated will be punished.

Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando explained the importance of implementing and guarding civil servants discipline enforcement. Every staff should work hard so as to produce real performance in fulfilling tasks and functions of National Library in educating nation’s life. “There are three civil servants’ functions. First of all, as public policy organiser. Secondly, as public servants. And the third, as nation binder and unifier,”he said. Director of National Library of Indonesia confirmed that in enforcing discipline, every civil servant should be committed and fully focus on main task as public servants.

Director of National Library of Indonesia gave an example where great companies in the world, like Apple, Amazone, Google, Berkshire Hathway, Starbucks, Walt Disney and so on can establish staff discipline with self awareness from within because they want to show company’s achievements to be a great company. The success key is establishing commitment to be discipline,” added Muhammad Syarif. Therefore, he asked Prime Secretary Sri Sumekar to enforce regulation to improve staff discipline.

Staff Discipline Enforcement Technical Guidance presented three BKN Examination Supervisor Officials speakers. They are tasked with resolving civil servants
(PNS) administrative appeals who are sentenced and dismissal; handling serious cases which can end up with dismissal as well as performing as legal representative of Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reformation when facing PNS lawsuit at Jakarta Administrative Court (PTUN).




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