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30 Jan 2019

Launching His Third Book, Peter Carey Wants Millennials to Understand History through Application

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta-Wednesday, 30 January 2019 might be the moment Peter Carey would remember. Donning  a long-sleeved batik shirt, Peter Carey accompanied by Head of National Library of Indonesia Preservation Centre Ahmad Masykuri and Kompas Editorial Board Tri Agung Kristanto, launched his third book titled Urip Iku Urub at National Library of Indonesia Soekarman Auditorium.

Title in Javanese was chosen by Peter to describe the activities of 70-year-old English man scrutinizing history in Indonesia, especially Java. Urip Iku Urub means ‘Life should be Fervent’. Life is supposed to benefit others around us, the more benefit we can give the better.

Peter Carey is a rare figure. He is a historian and author from England specializing in Indonesian modern history. Peter Carey has fallen in love with Indonesia since 1998. It is as if Peter had ‘nationalist blood’ within him. The book ‘Kuasa Ramalan’ containing life and struggle story of Prince Diponegoro has been one of valid proofs of Peter Carey’s green fingers. “Peter Carey has matched the ideal figure in accordance with Ki Hadjar Dewantara’s philosophy, Ing Ngarsa Sung Tulada, Ing Madya Mangun Karsa, Tut Wuri Handayani,” said Head of National Library of Indonesia Preservation Centre Ahmad Masykuri.

Tri Agung Kristanto who represented Kompas Group said that life is supposed to be fervent. Not only to himself, but also to others. The perfect title to describe Peter Carey activities. “The same spirit inherited by Kompas that also aims to help and educate community,”said Tri Agung.

In the discussion, Peter Carey said Indonesia has the golden oportunity to introduce history through application (on line). “This is the challenge to make history into an animated form so as the millennials understand history. Make for them something that in line with the times. The cool thing is that it can be applied or made  into cartoon version,” advised Peter Carey.

Peter Carey’s third book is special because it does not only contain text but it is also interspersed with pictures or animated comics. As for his two previous books, Peter only lauched them but did not print them in large amount.


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