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25 Jan 2019

MoU between National Library of Indonesia and Indonesian Reading Ambassador. Najwa: Librarians should Become Strong Army Countering Hoax

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta—Donning batik outerwear combined with jeans, Najwa Shihab explained that for three years carrying out the mandate as Indonesian Reading Ambassador she has found even more challenges. Najwa admitted that technology did change community viewpoint in almost all aspects. Many activities or pieces of information are obtained from cellular phone. And this has taken place in many countries around the world.

“For example, from Whatsapp application people are bombardized with abundant information, but unfortunately virus of deceit also comes along poisoning them, such as false news, hoax,” said Najwa a moment after signing continued memorandum of understanding as Indonesian Reading Ambassador with National Library of Indonesia at Soekarman auditorium, Medan Merdeka Selatan Street, on Friday (25/1).

Hoax travels fast due to, among others, tendency factor. Human brain tends to believe easily in the information obtained because to possess the ability to doubt information requires brain’s hard work. Moreover, to question the information obtained; human’s brain cells need to work harder.

“So the challenge doubles. On the one hand, recommending the community to love book. On the other hand, we should also advocate the community to choose and separate which news is hoax. A lot of information is ambiguous. Even technology provides easiness through a number of available applications to check whether or not the news or information obtained is correct,”said Nana, Najwa’s nickname.

Technology is like a double-edged knife. However, technology is only tool because all depends on the user. Here is the perfect moment to create the right collaboration between Reading Ambassador and librarians. “Librarians should be the generals in countering hoax,” advised Najwa. Why is it called general? Because librarians are already trained to check whether or not the information obtained  is based on data and fact. Librarians should become the strong army-borrowing military term-.

In line with Najwa’s statement, Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando also said from 2019 on, librarians with their patron organization (IPI-red) should synergize. “Synergize in terms of working with the available mind and opportunity. Reading Ambassador is a figure who can be magnet, attracting public attention in a large number. Librarians’ mindset should change, because library content (collection) is also in line with the trend. The era of technology 4.0 requires creative and hypercreative attitudes so as to be able to create science assembling,” said Director of National Library of Indonesia.




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