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23 Jan 2019

Jambi, A Role Model of Social Inclusion-Based Library Development

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta— Jambi Province is one of provinces eligible to be pilot project for library development, especially those based on social inclusion. Even Jambi is the only region ever to have held School Library Coordination Meeting attended by Director of National Library of Indonesia in 2016.

Achievement of hard work cannot be accomplished without intense coordination and commitment from the executives (Library and Archive Board) and the legislatives (DPRD), thus resulted in the increase of library management quality and literacy activity.

Such was conveyed by Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando when receiving 13 (thirteen) members of Commission I of Jambi DPRD, on Wednesday (23/1). “Commitment will affect popularity, because what community needs is reading material,” said Muhammad Syarif.

Head of Law and Planning Bureau Joko Santoso also expressed that Jambi is the region receiving the largest Special Allocation Budget (DAK) in 2019. Jambi, in 2019, receives physical aid, renovation, information and communication technology (ICT), furnishings aid, and collection received by most regencies/cities.

For physical aid, Sungai Penuh Regency is the region whose proposal to build library is approved by government. Meanwhile, renovation aid is approved for Bungo, Merangin, Tanjung Jabung Timur Regencies and Jambi City. As for ICT aid, it is given to Batanghari, Kerinci, and Jebo Regencies. Furnishings aid is given to Batanghari, Kerinci, Merangin, and Tanjung Jabung Timur Regencies. And almost all of regencies/cities in Jambi obtain collection aid.

DAK enables the use of budget for administrative purpose as much as 5% of total budget received. “However, I remind you that DAK optimisation use is an important point as the guarantee for continuity of next DAK,” confirmed Head of Law and Planning Bureau Joko Santoso.

DAK in library sector, explained Head of Bureau, has become national-scale priority of development in which acceleration of poverty reduction through library utilization and literacy well growth as options to increase community resource and quality.





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