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22 Jan 2019

Technical Work Meeting of Prime Secretariat: Work Plan Should Aim to Educate and Prosper Community

Salemba, Jakarta  Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando directed all staff in Prime Secretariat of National Library of Indonesia to compose work plan whose aim is to educate and prosper community. Therefore, work plan in Prime Secretariat should be composed with narration adjusted with ideal concept and academically-based so as to be able to show the role and function of library in determining nation’s future. In addition to it, recognition from broad society of library’s role and function should also be documented and later communicated to stakeholders.

“The ability to compose narration based on law legitimacy so that our work plan platform can be accepted conceptually by stakeholders; because this is a cycle, from people, by people, and for people. Thus, every cent of the budget (APBN) is intended for community education and welfare,” explained Syarif Bando. This was conveyed by Syarif Bando when opening Technical Work Meeting of Prime Secretariat of National Library of Indonesia at National Library of Indonesia theatre, Salemba Raya Street No.28A Central Jakarta, on Tuesday (22/1/2019). Technical Work Meeting of Prime Secretariat was attended by Prime Secretary of National Library of Indonesia, structural and functional officials from General Affairs Bureau, Law and Planning Bureau, as well as Inspectorate.

According to Act No. 43/2007 on Library, National Library of Indonesia is a library patron institution throughout Indonesia. Therefore, Syarif Bando encouraged his staff to assemble documentation plan and programme recommendation on library throughout Indonesia. “Therefore, National Library of Indonesia can measure, review whether or not these recommendations accomodate Library Act, whether or not these recommendations are unbalanced. Document is also important because we are library teachers. Flow of thought as a patron is something we should expose. With library development analysis and aspects needed to be developed, namely  through physical Special Allocation Budget, reinforcement, digitization, affirmation of the importance of reading, change of community paradigm on library position in digital era,” explained he.

In 2019, National Library of Indonesia bears the big theme “Pustakawan Berkarya Melalui Transformasi Layanan Berbasis Inklusi Sosial dalam Rangka Memperkuat Literasi untuk Kesejahteraan Masyarakat”. Prime Secretariat as supporting unit is requested to prepare facilities and infrastructures for this programme implementation success. Syarif Bando also added, 2019 is the year of content. Therefore, National Library of Indonesia staff should utilize the collection to boost community welfare. Staff are encouraged to work as independent people. Therefore, they should have great initiative and more than requested. “Working is not because you are being watched,” he said.

Head of Law and Planning Bureau Joko Santoso in his report explained that Technical Work Meeting of Prime Secretariat was part of work plan arrangement process and achievement target evaluation of strategic plan in Prime Secretariat and Inspectorate in 2015-2019. Before this event, preliminary discussion of 2020 work plan as well as national programme priority recommendation on literacy for welfare in 2020 has beeen conducted. In addition to it, along with staff in other related units, there is also 2020 Special Allocation Budget recommendation discussion which is a follow-up of physical Special Allocation Budget in education sector Regional Library subdivision conducted in 2019. “This will be a prospect in the future, as well as challenge for all of us, all of our efforts is directed for library development not only in National Library of Indonesia, but throughout Indonesia,” expressed Joko Santoso.





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