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23 Jan 2019

TNI Strategic Research Centre Ready to be Pilot Project of TNI Headquarter Library Revitalisation

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta—Awe was clearly seen on Chief of TNI Strategic Research Centre’s face, Brigadier General Totok Imam Santoso, when Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando told him about the importance of library’s roles for science and knowledge development, especially in military world. Military collection reference owned by National Library of Indonesia is sufficient enough; such is the reason he would like to revitalise library whose collection is not more than 500 copies.

“Besides hospitality visit, I hope reference owned by National Library, especially those related with defence and security, politics, military, civil war, can be borrowed or granted,” said Brigadier General Totok Imam Santoso in front of Director of National Library of Indonesia, on Wednesday (23/1).

Chief of TNI Strategic Research Centre’s enthusiasm was growing even more when Deputy of Library Resource Development Woro Titi Haryanti mentioned there are hundreds of thousands up to millions of e-book and e-journal collections owned by National Library related to such subjects.

“I would like to revitalise library at Strategic Research Centre to be pilot project in TNI Headquarter. We are ready if cooperation agreement is required,” he said.

Eventhough he has served for only several weeks as Chief of Strategic Research Centre, Brigadier General Totok was not playing around with library development. Besides having to be agile on the battlefield, a soldier must also have scientific insights about many things. He even admitted that he would equipped library with audio room and cafe. The effort is made to stimulate reading interest.

Brigadier General Totok admitted that library roles cannot be casted aside. In the past, the paradigm circulated was library as a place of exile or a place for those about to retire. “And what’s more pathetic is library is considered as a place to station troubled people,” said he.

Before ending the visit, Director of National Library of Indonesia expressed his gratitude to TNI and the Police Force for the concrete support and contribution in assisting book distribution in border areas, thus community information and knowledge need in those areas can be fulfilled.


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