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23 Jan 2019

Evaluation of 2018 Performance Achievement and 2019 Performance Agreement: Correction Notes for Improvement in 2019

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta— Although physical achievement reached 96% and financial achievement exceeded 94%, those figures are still considered lower than those of 2017. Piling up of work in the last trimester is the cause of 2018 achievement not better than 2017.

Such was conveyed by Prime Secretary of National Library of Indonesia Sri Sumekar when reporting 2018 performance evaluation as well as submitting performance agreement for 2019 to all structural officials of National Library of Indonesia, on Wednesday (23/1).

“In 2019 we are going to apply activity stage so that it won’t pile up. From approximately 790 activities in 2019, the first trimester is expected to reach 15%, second and third trimesters reach 35%, and the last trimester 15%,” explained Sri Sumekar.

Meanwhile, Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando also appealed to all activity and financial administrators for their carefulness so as to avoid payment failure, as was the case in 2018. “Don’t make the impression that our financial administrators are not competent. Commitment Officer should also control regularly,” he said.

Director of National Library of Indonesia also asked that from now on administration should be improved and discipline in reporting both budget and physical realization as provided by Ministry of Finance through SMART application. “Achievement in 2018 is worthy of regret because we have disappointed a number of parties, such as House of Representatives, Ministry of Finance, and Bappenas,” he added.

In relation with the available collection, Director of National Library of Indonesia requested for content of all journals to be summarized into brochures. All staff and librarians are expected to be more active in promoting the excellence or facilities of National Library of Indonesia. If it is necessary, testimony videos could be created and displayed.

Maintenance of all service facilities should also be considered so as to provide convenience for work and community who perform their scholarly activities here. “Every visitor coming should be provided with detail explanation about benefits of library. Here is civilization institution, so don’t disappoint anyone coming here,” advised Director of National Library of Indonesia.

At the end of the event, Director of National Library of Indonesia along with all structural officials witnessed and signed 2019 performance agreement in turn.


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