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21 Jan 2019

Technical Work Meeting of Deputy I of National Library of Indonesia: Library Should Perform Library Service Innovation Competency

Salemba, Jakarta – Deputy of Library Material and Information Service Development of National Library of Indonesia held Deputy I Technical Work Meeting, on Monday (21/1). The meeting scheduled direction from Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando, policy speech from Deputy I Ofy Sofiana, Heads of Bung Karno Library and Bung Hatta Library, Head of Directorate and Head of Service and Information Centre of National Library of Indonesia as well as Commission Session into three groups discussing and formulating topics on 2018 activity evaluation, 2019 affirmation, 2015-2019 strategic plan, 2020-2024 strategic plan material preparation, as well as data affirmation and task mapping of overlapping activities in Deputy of Library Material and Information Service Development.

Director of National Library of Indonesia in his direction conveyed that 2019 was a crucial year to assure and restore the dignity of National Library of Indonesia as information centre. “If library is functioned as information centre, make sure its content is accountable, up-to-date, and trustworthy as well as easy enough to access and to obtain on time,” said Director of National Library of Indonesia. The Director wishes all staff at National Library of Indonesia are equipped with name cards to be given to library users.

“At least every librarian every day obtains testimony on his performance which certainly affects the recognition or performance facts of National Library as an institution,” added Muhammad Syarif. At the present time, library is attached to public service as regulated in Regulation of Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reformation No.3/2018 on Public Service Innovation Competition. “Public service innovation competition is performed as an effort to select, document, disseminate, and promote innovation as effort to accelerate National Library of Indonesia public service quality.”

Furthermore, Director of National Library of Indonesia also encouraged and appreciated all staff to daringly show their creativity in devising library development innovation. Librarians should work professionally and pour in creative ideas such as analyzing National Library of Indonesia library material content. “Librarians can assemble online-based clipping so as to be utilized by community as reference information source,”explained Syarif.

Presidential Gallery and room for Indonesian historical trail since Hindu-Budha era, Majapahit, imperialisme, independence preparation, pre-independence up to Industrial Revolution 4.0 era were requested by Director of National Library of Indonesia to be completed.

“Industrial Revolution 4.0 era is an innovative era. Then from innovative step increases to hyper-innovative. And the end is assembling. How a cellular phone can replace a compass, banking, radio, camera, and how a cellular phone can be best university because it stores collection of new books,” explained he.

Deputy of Library Material and Information Service Development of National Library of Indonesia Ofy Sofiana in her speech explained the role of National Library as information literacy centre. “We agree with Director of National Library of Indonesia direction that this year is the year of content and the effort to restore the spirit of library as information centre,” said Ofy. According to Deputy I, in 2019 they would increase quality of social inclusion-based library service to increase welfare. Library in 2019 is also a national priority; target to be achieved is service transformation development, increase of reading fondness culture, and classification, physical state of information, and information content management.




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