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17 Jan 2019

Regional People’s Representative Assembly of Mataram City Initiates Library Regulation Formulation

Medan Merdeka SelatanLibrary, in accordance with Law No.23/2014 on Regional Government, has become mandatory issue of basic service. Library by de facto is the only one supported by at least seven regulations, such as on Library, Submission-Reservation of Printed and Recorded Work, Regional Government, Village, Higher Education, Culture Advancement, Electronic Information and Transaction. “However, not all regions have regional regulation on library,” said Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando when receiving visit from DPRD Mataram City, on Thursday (17/1).

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando explained that Indonesia is the only country which has Library Act in which National Library is given the authority to guide libraries from central to regional level throughout Indonesia. Muhammad Syarif Bando also revealed that article 48, 49, 50, 51 of Act No.43/2007 authorize government and community to facilitate the growth of reading fondness cultivation. Back then, library paradigm was a place to collect books and community came to read books. Now, the paradigm has changed. Community does not have to visit library any more, but library should reach community. “Library is important part in improving community welfare in which unemployed, beggar, or scavenger can be entrepreneur who can improve their economic status through the use of library,” expressed Syarif.

Chairman of Special Committee of DPRD Mataram City Abdul Malik said that they wanted to consult on technical regulation relating to ICT based-library management, especially limitation in developing digital library, procedure of printed book digitization to electronic, copyright protection, and how to obtain electronic book legally, and how to implement it in relation with technology management and policy. Therefore, DPRD exposed the purpose of regional regulation which will be formulated is to facilitate community in growing fondness of reading.

Head of Information Centre of Internal Affairs Ministry Bahtiar who was also present at the meeting appreciated Director of National Library of Indonesia for having created innovation in actuating national  economic through library. In addition to it, Bahtiar also appreciated DPRD Mataram City which performed innovation through formulation of library regional regulation. “Don’t be too rigid in formulating regional regulation. Only the key point is regulated in regional regulation, as for technical matters can be later arranged,” said Bahtiar.

He is of the same opinion with Director of National Library of Indonesia as for library should provide and produce books adjusted with natural condition and profession in each region. “As for books prepared in line with local needs such as North Lombok which is rich with oil, we will provide books concerning oil, besides that, books on disaster mitigation as well,” explained Bahtiar.







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