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14 Jan 2019

Director of National Library of Indonesia affirms PP-IPI for 2018-2021 Period

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta—Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando officially affirmed central management of Ikatan Pustakawan Indonesia for 2018-2021 period, on Monday (14/1). Chairman of IPI is now held by T. Syamsul Bahri replacing the chairman of previous period, Dedi Junaedi. On this occasion, librarianship scientific seminar was also held by presenting Director of Higher Education, Science and Technology, and Culture of Bappenas, Amich Alhumami as speaker.

In his direction, Director of National Library of Indonesia requested librarians to daringly plunge into regions and no longer scrutinizing the cataloguing. National Library has cooperated with Ministry of Disadvantaged Regions Development to create new library corner in every village using village budget. That means librarians are ready to be distributed, sharing their knowledge and helping to solve community problems. “Librarians must be bold to appear and work hard in serving community,” he added. Exclusively, he asked for IPI management for its daring to get one million people to be IPI members.

In line with the statement of Director of National Library of Indonesia, new chairman of PP-IPI T. Syamsul Bahri also expressed that librarians joining in IPI are demanded to work hard and produce great work for Indonesian librarianship. In this millennial era, IPI management, both in central and regional levels should synergise in uplifting dignity and prestige of librarian profession in scope of future development. “Work and exertion are choices to uplift the existence of Indonesian librarianship.”

On the same occasion, Director of Higher Education, Science and Technology, and Culture of Bappenas, Amich Alhumami expected librarians never to restrain knowledge from one knowledge discipline only. Librarians are developer engines of library, literature, and literacy activists. Library is one of the most important elements for community development. Library, since long ago, has been icon of empire from time to time. Developing competitive community should be started with quality education. “Literacy movement has transformed. Community is not only skilful in reading but also able to master science and technology along with innovations,” explained Amich.




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