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14 Jan 2019

Librarians Synchronizes Perception of “Pustakawan Berkarya” Tagline

Salemba, Jakarta - Librarians must prove their professionalism in all daily duties. This was stated by Senior Librarian Coordinator of National Library Dedi Junaedi in the meeting on perception synchronization of “Pustakawan Berkarya” tagline at National Library theatre, Salemba, on Monday (14/1).  Dedi also expressed that Panca Karya Pustakawan pledge could be described and associated with supporting programmes. "The pledge is not far-fetched but there must be a reference," said Dedi. On that occasion, Head of Librarian Development Centre of National Library of Indonesia, Opong Sumiati conveyed the purpose of the meeting was to follow up the launching of tagline and Panca Karya Pustakawan pledge. Opong explained both tagline and Panca Karya Pustakawan pledge, would be written in a banner to be displayed at National Library of Indonesia office. “As for every point of Panca Karya Pustakawan pledge, it requires to be described. Librarians are expected to actively express idea for joint commitment and we will record them for follow-up action,” explained Opong. 

“Librarians work in improving community welfare through transformation of social inclusion-based library,” said Senior Librarian Adriati, mentioning librarian tagline in 2019. Adriati urged librarians to sychronize perception on “Pustakawan Berkarya”.  Thus, activities implementation could be carried out and adjusted to the tagline. Librarians should also change, in this case, by carrying out official duties as well as possible. Adriati also suggested that cultural heritage building on Medan Merdeka Selatan National Library be filled with content of, for example digital collection of each region’s culture throughout the archipelago.

Head of Law and Planning Bureau of National Library of Indonesia, Joko Santoso, who was invited, said that the event was a good moment to sychronize perception. “Pustakawan Berkarya” tagline has been assembled for 2019 national priority for library sector, namely literacy for welfare. This literacy is not only for central level but also for regional level to improve welfare for local community. Joko also explained that National Library held main responsibility of literacy for welfare. Joko later revealed that according to PP No. 72 of 2018 concerning 2019 government work plan -equity of development for quality growth plays a role in improving human resources quality and improving community welfare. The actualization is library as information literacy centre and library as centre for information activities-. "Thus the goal to be achieved is to improve quality of social inclusion-based library services for welfare," Joko explained





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