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15 Jan 2019

Technical Work Meeting of Deputy II of National Library of Indonesia: Library Positive Trend is the Result of Teamwork

Salemba, Jakarta—Result of annual activities contribute to the success of programme assessment as a whole. This cycle will last continuously, thus it requires forum as space for early activity in every fiscal year, namely Technical Work Meeting.

For the confirmation of activities in 2019 fiscal year, Deputy of Library Resources Development of National Library of Indonesia held Technical Work Meeting on Tuesday (15/1). The meeting which would last for three days also planned priority agenda in 2020 based on performance accomplishment. Deputy of Library Resources Development has the task to carry out policy formulation in library resources development sector which includes guidance for all types of library and library personnel as well as librarians.

Due to the strategic nature of Deputy II’s role, as expressed by Organizing Chairman of Technical Work Meeting Widiyanto, “More than half of National Library of Indonesia performance is determined by Deputy II performance,” said he in front of all Technical Work Meeting participants. Although deputy level only has personnel not less than 150 people, Deputy II always has means and strategy to manage working time effectivity for eight months to be optimal.

Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando openly warned that community expectation towards library is getting higher. This means working proficiency and awareness should also in balance with expectation. Time discipline should also be intensified. “Positive library trend is the result of teamwork,” said Director of National Library of Indonesia.

Especially in terms of education and training, Director of National Library of Indonesia hoped it would not cling to issue on library ‘kitchen’, but more of how library drives community. “Information dissemination should be enhanced,” he advised. Education and training participants are no longer dumped staff, but people who can be agent of change in community. Facilities and infrastructures renovation should also be put into consideration.

The current development of ICT world is very rapid in almost all life sectors. Therefore, it is important for National Library to pay attention to strategical issues and national policy which can be made into institution policy in composing programme and activities in 2019.

“Perception of all working units should also in harmony in composing and carrying out policy as well as working programme,” added Widiyanto who is also Head of Education and Training Centre of National Library of Indonesia.

Technical Work Meeting was attended by all working units in Deputy II, all heads of division, librarians, trainers, and treasurers. Before it began, all participants are equipped with understanding by Senior Librarian Suprianto and Chairman of Reading Interest Cultivation Movement Bambang Supri Utomo.



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