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03 Jan 2019

Librarians of National Library of Indonesia Signs “Pustakawan Berkarya” Pledge

Salemba, Jakarta--After tagline “Pustakawan Bergerak” is over in 2018, National Library launched new tagline “Pustakawan Berkarya” in 2019. Implementation of the tagline was mentioned in Common Pledge by 12 Librarian Ambassadors on Thursday, (3/1). Librarian Ambassador is librarian representative from all position levels at National Library of Indonesia.

“Those chosen as Librarian Ambassadors are recommended from each work unit,” said Librarian Team Leader of National Library of Indonesia Dedi Junaedi at “Bincang-Bincang Pustakawan” activity. The twelve Librarian Ambassadors would later sign Common Pledge as commitment to be part of “Pustakawan Berkarya”.

“Pustakawan Berkarya” Pledge is embodied in National Library of Indonesia Pancakarya Pustakawan as the following:

  1. Conducting changes
  2. Providing ease of access to information
  3. Educating community in utilizing library and information services
  4. Playing active role in intensifying literacy for welfare
  5. Advocating community in library development

Through Common Pledge, all librarians’ active roles are required in increasing community fondness of reading, community skills as well as community welfare.

“Community skills are obtained from fondness of reading. Community reading need is adjusted with local content. Skills arise from active reading. In addition to it, there are sustainable workshops. Thus, their skills can improve community welfare rate,” added Senior Librarian of National Library of Indonesia Adriati.

“Pustakawan Berkarya” tagline is interpreted as effort to actualize social inclusion-based library and a part in prospering community. This tagline is in line with government’s endeavour to include library as national priority programme one as effort to prosper community through its social inclusion-based service.

“Social inclusion involve all stakeholders. Not only National Library but also private corporates and state-owned companies’ roles. The keyword is synergy,” added Head of Planning Division Adin Bondar.



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