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10 Jan 2019

Communication Forum of South Sulawesi Referral Junior High School Visits National Library

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta – “School people do not always read, but those who read must be school people, therefore many people are recorded in golden ink not because of their titles but of their knowledge,” such was expressed by Director of National Library when receiving visit from Communication Forum of South Sulawesi Referral Junior High School on Thursday (10/1).

The delegation consisting of principals of referral junior high school which is the best school at regency level and chairperson of South Sulawesi LPMP came to visit in the occasion of intensifying literacy activity at school in the light of reading interest should be instilled since early age and it is performed at school. Therefore, the visit was aimed to obtain insight on school library development including its human resources.

Until now, schools in South Sulawesi, in this case, junior high schools, still endure several problems which hinder school library development and eventually will affect learning process and education final result. The obstacles are the absence of librarian at school and lack of enrichment book collection. All this time, people in charge at school libraries are Indonesian language teachers and now there is an offer for administration staff interested to switch profession to be librarian, because there has never been any librarian vacancy in every recruitment. In addition, most collections available at school library are textbooks for daily teaching material. Delegation leader expected schools in South Sulawesi could receive librarian training portion from National Library, either for Indonesian language teachers or administration staff interested to be librarian, as well as synergy between principals and regional libraries.

Deputy of Library Resources Development Woro Titi Haryanti explained that National Library hold library management training in the form of technical guidance related to school and public library in every province, varied trainings and at the present time is experimenting e-learning training, as well as internship programme. Woro also conveyed her expectation to cooperate again with LPMP just as the previous trainings in several provinces. In addition, she also disclosed the mechanism of inpassing for those interested to become librarian.

In response to it, Chairperson of South Sulawesi LPMP Abdul Halim Muharram declared the readiness to assist in providing place for school librarian training in South Sulawesi. It is one of the efforts to increase education quality.

The visit was then continued with library tour to several floors at National Library Service Facilities.


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