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02 Nov 2015

Indonesia Onesearch: An effort to Develop the Digital Library Network

Jakarta – One of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia’s (Perpusnas) duties is to develop network among libraries in Indonesia, be it Public Library, Special Library or School and University Library. Various organisations have pioneered the development of digital library network in Indonesia. However, these established networks are still unable to meet the expectations due to their shortcomings.

That is one of the materials presented in the workshop activities of Automation of University and Institutions Library held for 2 (two) days from Thursday (29/10) to Friday (30/10) at Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta. The event that was attended by more than 100 participants from library managers lasted quite interesting with the presentations of six (6) speakers from the National Library, Digital Library Activists and Consultants, and academics.

Ismail Fahmi, who is known as a pioneer of the establishment of Ganesha Digital Library (GDL) was one of the speakers quite attracted the participants with his idea to build Indonesia oneSearch. Indonesia oneSearch is expected to answer the deficiencies that are still found in the Digital Library network that already exists previously.

“There are more than 25.000 libraries in Indonesia. But they are not interconnected, so that each of the library cannot access each other,” said Ismail on the background of it is necessary to establish Indonesia One Search. He added that, not connected and and the absence of this sharing because there is a reason that there are institutions concerns against plagiarism, reluctance of the researchers individual to share and technical factors.

It is recognized by the initiator of IndonesiaDLN (Digital Library Network in Indonesia), that previously there have been steps done by many parties in establishing these networks, but it still need further developments in an effort to minimize the deficiencies.

In his paper entitled Indonesia oneSearch: Background, Road Map, and Progress, the man who is now lined up as a consultant of the National Library in the development Digital Library Network widely presented plans and strategies for the future development of Indonesia oneSearch. In the discussion session, many questions came mainly from the management of the University Library related to the benefit issues for the library of content providers. At the policy session, Dra. Welmin Sunyi Ariningsih, M.Lib Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Services of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia presents a paper entitled “Interoperability and Integration Policy interlibrary”. In the roadmap of the National Library, it is projected that in 2018 to 2019 integrated and interopable national digital library network has realized. In the same occasion, Dra. Titiek Kismiyati, M.Hum, Head of Library Services and Information Centre explained that in 2015 the policy of the National Library related to Grand Design E-Library of the National Library 2015 to 2019.

In her presentation, Head of Services Library and Information Centre explained that Grand Design related to the condition for internal namely Strengthening of the Management of National Digital Library of Indonesia, especially to collect the entire collection of cultural treasures of the nation and strengthening of Service in the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia especially the Library Service in the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia in Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan. While the policy for external namely the Target on e-library guidance which is more directed to the University Library and Special Libraries without reducing the attention to public libraries that have been spearheading of e-library in its area.

Two other speakers are Dr. Joko Santoso, M.Hum, Head of Library Cooperation and Automation with his presentation won the theme of Web Portal as Online Services Model of the National Library. While Wiratna Tritawirasta S. Kom, MP. Head of Automation on the National Library of Indonesia described about the Interoperability and Integration Strategy interlibrary. While one another speaker from the University of Gajah Mada, namely Ida F Priyanto with the paper Effectiveness of e-Resources.

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