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06 Oct 2015


Padang – The Indonesian Librarian Association (IPI) recently held its 13th Congress and Scientific Seminar on the theme of “Librarians: Guardians of Knowledge” at Grand Inna Muara Hotel (6-9/10) 2015. The Congress was attended by the Director of the National Library of Indonesia Sri Sularsih, Chairman of IPI Dedi Junaedi, Regional Secretary of West Sumatra Ali Asmar, Head of the Provincial Library and Archive Board of West Sumatra Alwis and a number of officials of the West Sumatera Provincial Parliament.

In his remarks, Alwis said that it was a great honour for the West Sumatera Province to be appointed as the host for the Congress for the second time. “West Sumatera has historically been renowned for its national such as Moh. Hatta, Moh. Natsir, Tan Malaka, Agus Salim, Muh. Yamin, Sutan Syahrir, Abdul Muis, etc. They were great figures who were very close to libraries,” said Alwi in front of the Congress audience.

Libraries have become one of the basic needs amongst the people of West Sumatera. In fact, literature is a common culture in the life of Minang people. The need for libraries is also the needs of Minang intellectual figure successor such as Emil Salim, Azwar Anas, Syafii Ma’arif, Hasan Basri Durin, Gamawan Fauzi, Prof. Marlis Rahman, Irwan Prayitno, Jefry Geofani, etc. that reminds the need for the library to become a promising needs for a success in living a life of the nation. West Sumatra Library is the oldest library in Indonesia in addition to Yogyakarta and Ambon. Alwis explained that the Library of West Sumatra had experienced difficult times after the earthquake in 2009. “But the spirit to develop literacy in West Sumatra has never receded and the construction of a new and representative library building then the government of West Sumatra expressed its readiness to host the Congress XIII and Scientific Seminar of Indonesian Librarian Association of 2015,” Alwis concluded.

In his speech Chairman of IPI Dedi Junaedi explained that the Indonesian Librarian Association as a Professional Organization is a forum for librarians to carry out the mandate to develop the potential of human resources in the Public Library, Special Library, School Library and the University Library. The implied meaning in it is a place to socialize and accommodate the aspirations and communication, exchange opinion to increase knowledge, insight and nurturing librarian in every pace. “Indonesian Librarian Association is aged 42 years since its establishment on July 6, 1973. The Management of Indonesian Librarian Association in accordance with Memorandum and Articles of Association (AD/ART) each year holds an Annual General Meeting that begins with the national scientific seminar and every 3 years the Management holds a congress to ensure the continuity of the organization,” he explained. The role of librarians is very important because they have to manage the information needed by the public good either “Digital Habit” or “Digital Library” and become a bridge between the younger generation with the previous generation. “The librarian must be the guard of knowledge in accordance with the theme of the Congress XIII and Scientific Seminar of IPI 2015,” he said.

National Library of Indonesia Sri Sularsih explained that librarians have a very important role in the community in managing information, either printing work, records work, among others serves as an educator where the librarians are able to facilitate the development of the ability to think of someone then train, foster, develop skills of the library users. Librarian also become a manager, who runs the management function in managing the library as a learning resource for the people then the librarians also as agents of change in which the librarians provide a wide range of knowledge and information in accordance with the civilized world and also as an agent of local wisdom for librarians know and understand and also able to preserve cultural heritage of society. According to Sri Sularsih the 13th Congress of IPI is the best chance in selecting the next Chairman of Indonesian Librarian Association who will assume the responsibility to bring IPI better and can be perceived its role by the librarians. Sri asked all participants to choose revolutionary and dynamic leader who is able to make changes and good performance.

The speech of the Governor read by the Regional Secretary of West Sumatera Province Ali Asmar also reminded that the West Sumatra provincial government hosted the IPI congress on November 14 to 21 in 1992 and this time in 2015 becomes the host for the second time. Librarian as a professional profession is very necessary to have attitudes among other first, committed to develop themselves in the field of libraries, documentation and information, make experiments in the field. Second, committed to find new things that can support professional duties in a professional manner. Third, the librarian is public servant that at any time facing the people who have a code of ethics in serving the people. “In the future, the need for librarians will increase and the librarians have an important role in the processing information for the public,” said the Governor.

The 13th Congress of IPI in Padang on October 6 to 9 2015 has selected the Chairman of Indonesian Librarian Association (IPI) 2015 to 2019 period, namely Dedi Junaedi to reassume. Hopefully the Indonesian Librarian increasingly succeeding.

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