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30 Sep 2015

National Film Figure Site : Remembering the Figure of Benyamin Suaeb through Web

Salemba, Jakarta – not many local artist who strongly being a legend in the national film. Benyamin Suaeb one of them. The acting skill of the artist who is also called as “Muka kampung rejeki kota”, has been widely acclaimed to provide colour and characteristic in the world of comedy of cinema and television..

Besides acting on the cinema and television, the figure of Benyamin also fantastic in the world of singing. All the albums released with his female duet partner always be a blockbuster in the market. It is a right decision that the National Library and Sinematek Indonesia granted Benyamin Suaeb as one of the national film figure who is created a special web about him.

One of his sons, Biem Benyamin, expressed his gratitude for the award given for the dedication of his late parent. Although rarely being at home due to his busyness of acting and singing, Benyamin still being a democrat parent. “Babe never imposes his will to his children, he let his children to choose for something,” Biem said in remembering the figure of Benyamin.

One of his duet partners during his life, Ida Royani said that Bang Ben is a unique figure. Ida Royani admitted that she had never imagined that she will be the duet partner of Benyamin and being a blockbuster in the market. “When the first time I knew him, Bang Ben already sang western songs, and I was still in senior high school,”. She did not deny her friends judgment who thought that it was a mistake to have a duet with Benyamin.

During my time as duet partner, the chemistry occurred was not as imagined. We often given a song text but then we did a spontaneity improvisation. “Text is just a note. When we take a vocal, the lyric always changed, it made us confuse to use which text, Ida Royani recalled. But the creativity that exists between them turned out to bring a great success.

The duet of Benyamin and Ida Royani extraordinarily rising. The on-stage schedule was unceasing. Moreover, they got confused to keep the salary earned at that time. There was no Bank as today. Until now Ida Royani judges the figure of Bang Ben with a joke, “tacky but pious.”

The existence of Benyamin Suaeb in the world of acting and singing has become its own characteristics. His remarks and acting left impression for anyone who saw it.

Director Rano Karno and Garin Nugroho have a special judge. The actor of Si Doel Anak Betwai Rano Karno judge the talent owned by Benyamin is different with other actors, “no one can compare to him.” While Garin Nugroho regards that Benyamin is one of the maestros, actor who is considered as comedian. “But he is a maestro who grown of the exceptional Betawi localities, and incomparable until now. All of his movies are his maestro of the world of comedy,” Garin said.

Deputy I of the National Library Welmin S. Ariningsing said that the making of special web of National film figure series prove that the National Library always preserves the culture result of the nation. The National Library and Sinamatek Indonesia each year will continue to bring up figures who greatly contribute to the development of National film development to be made its special web.

Benyamin was born in Kemayoran, Jakarta March 5, 1939 and passed away in Jakarta, September 5, 1995 at the age of 56 years old. Benjamin was known as an actor, comedian, director and singer of Indonesia, who produced more than 75 musical albums and 53 films.

During his life, Benyamin studied in Taman Madya Senior High School, Central Jakarta, and went to college majoring Company Management, Sawerigading University Jakarta (1967). In the late ‘60s, Benjamin choosed specific songs nuanced Betawi, such as Ondel-Ondel song. His duet with Ida Royani made a great success. His first main role in Intan Berduri movie (1972), gave his first Citra on the FFI. The second Citra he got through Si Doel Anak Modern (FFI 1976). This actor-singer then also served as producer and director.

His career faded in the ‘80s, his name skyrocketed again in a TV serial Si Doel Anak Sekolahan I and II (1994 and 1995). Also appearing in his own production that he directed, Mat Beken (1995) as “farewell sinetron”.

During his career, Benyamin Suaeb received numerous Metronome trophy award from the Association of Indonesian Singers, Composers and Musical Arrangers (PAPPRI). The Metronome trophy including the lifetime achievement award that has been given to 20 people since 2004.

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