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Applies Start 01 Januari 2001


Director of National Library of Indonesia

  1. Deputy of Library Material and Information Service Development
    1. Directorate of Library Material Deposit
      1. Sub Directorate of Deposit
        1. Library Material Collection Acceptance Work Group
        2. Magazine Bulletin Report Deposit Processing Work Group

      2. Sub Directorate Bibliography
        1. Indonesian National Bibliography Work Group
        2. National Main Catalog Work Group
        3. ISBN/KDT Group

    2. Center of Collection Development and Library Material Processing
      1. Library Material Processing Division
        1. Physical Application Work Group
        2. Cataloging Work Group
        3. Classification Work Group
        4. Authority Subject Work Group

      2. Acquisition Division
        1. Monograph Collection Development Work Group
        2. Audio Visual Cartography and Other Non Book Material Development Work Group
        3. Donation and Exchange Library Material Collection Development Work Group
        4. Magazine Journal Newspaper Development Work Group
        5. Acquisition Research Collection Development Group

    3. Center of Library Service and Information
      1. General Collection Service Division
        1. Current Monograph Service Group
        2. Information Visit and Exhibition Service Group
        3. Catalog Service Group
        4. Membership Service Group
        5. Latest Serial Collection Service Group
        6. Bound Magazine Service Group
        7. Bound Newspaper Group
        8. Open Library Services

      2. Special Collection Service Division
        1. Audio Visual Service Group
        2. Rare Book Collection Service Group
        3. Manuscript Collection Service Group
        4. Map and Painting Service Group

      3. Library Cooperation and Automation Division
        1. Library Cooperation Sub Division
        2. Automation Sub Division

    4. Center of Library Material Preservation
      1. Conservation Division
        1. Library Material Treatment And Repairment Sub Division
        2. Library Material Bind Technical Sub Division

      2. Reprography Division
        1. Microfilm Sub Division
        2. Reproduction Sub Division

      3. Digital Transformation Division

      4. UPT Perpusakaan Proklamator Bung Hatta
        1. Head of Section for Development and Preservation of Library Materials
        2. Head of Library Cooperation and Promotion Section

  2. Deputy of Library Resources Development
    1. Center of Library Development and Reading Interest Research
      1. Public and Special Library Development Division
      2. School and University Library Development Division
      3. Reading Interest Research and Promotion Division

    2. Center of Education and Training
      1. Training Program and Evaluation Division
        1. Program and Curriculum Sub Division
        2. Evaluation Sub Division

      2. Training Organization Division
        1. Education and Training Facility Sub Division
        2. Teaching Sub Division

    3. Center of Librarian Development
      1. Librarian Accreditation Division
      2. Research of Librarian Division

  3. Prime Secretariat
    1. General Bureau
      1. Employee Affair Division
        1. Recruitment Termination and Retirement Sub Division
        2. Promotion and Remuneration Sub Division
        3. Employee Affair Administration Sub Division

      2. Finance Division
        1. Treasury Sub Division
        2. Verification Sub Division

      3. Administration Division
        1. Management Administration Sub Division
        2. Deputy I Administration Sub Division
        3. Deputy II Administration Sub Division
        4. Equipment and Household Affair Sub Division

    2. Law and Planning Bureau
      1. Planning Division
        1. Program and Budget Arrangement Sub Division
        2. Evaluation and Accountability Sub Division
        3. Reporting Sub Division

      2. Law and Public Relation Division
        1. Law and Organization Sub Division
        2. Public Relation Sub Division