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E-Goverment Award

Organized by Warta Ekonomi Magazine

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Governments around the world is currently facing "pressure" from various parties to improve the quality of public services and improve active participation in the provision of information to people and claimed to be more effective and efficient. This causes eGovernment or electronic-based government increasingly important role for all decision makers.

E-Government initiatives have been introduced in Indonesia through Presidential Instruction. 6/2001 date. 24 April 2001 on Telematics (Telecommunications, Media and Informatics), which states that government officials should use telematics technology to support good governance and speed up the democratic process.

National Library of Indonesia (Perpusnas) as a public service agencies to implement the utilization of information technology in fostering good governance, among others through the official web site development and construction of a web portal containing a variety of bases data needed by the community in seeking information. Development of various websites and web portals geared toward the digital library Library.

Library efforts in implementing information technology to support public information services, especially in the last two years, received appreciation of the Economic News Magazine, as the organizer of the event e-Government Award. In the mat e-Government Award 2007, which entered the year-6 , the Library was awarded E-Government Award to-2 rating for the category of Non Department Government Institution. For the Library, which won the award once This is the second time. Earlier, in 2004, the Library won the award for the same category as the winner of the third.

E-Government Award given to the best of government agencies that implement the procedures for electronic government. in general there are four stages of development of e-government: web presence, interaction, transaction and transformation. Compared to previous years, the application e-Government from several government agencies tread a higher level by going into the stage of the transaction (e-procurement). There are several categories of assessment include the category Provincial, category regencies / cities, the category of the Ministry / Department and other categories of non-ministerial government institutions.

E-Government Award 2007 with the theme "E-Government for Good Governance". In keeping with the theme, weighted judging criteria include leadership, transparency, accountability, Responsibility and fairness. By giving the award to participate in improving the quality of community service by providing an assessment of application of information technology in government agencies that are expected to encourage the creation of good governance in Indonesia.