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News - 28 Jan 2019

Tales, Instilling Moral Values and Optimising Children Development

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta—Aqila (6) looked enthusiast following every direction from the story teller. When she was asked to immitate animal’s motion or sound, Aqila with other 50 (fifty) students from TK Islam Terpadu Nurul...

News - 25 Jan 2019

MoU between National Library of Indonesia and Indonesian Reading Ambassador. Najwa: Librarians should Become Strong Army Countering Hoax

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta—Donning batik outerwear combined with jeans, Najwa Shihab explained that for three years carrying out the mandate as Indonesian Reading Ambassador she has found even more challenges. Najwa admitted...

News - 23 Jan 2019

Evaluation of 2018 Performance Achievement and 2019 Performance Agreement: Correction Notes for Improvement in 2019

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta— Although physical achievement reached 96% and financial achievement exceeded 94%, those figures are still considered lower than those of 2017. Piling up of work in the last trimester is the cause of...


Testimonial - 23 Jan 2019

Testimoni Kapuspen Kemendagri tentang Perpustakaan

Kapuspen Kemendagri DR.Bahtiar Baharuddin mengajak seluruh masyarakat Indonesia untuk mengunjungi Perpustakaan. Perpustakaan sudah dilengkapi dengan segala layanan dan fasilitas dan dapat diakses dengan gratis.



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